Monday, July 30, 2012

July 28 Seeeeeyah Perth!!

July 28th 2012

WOW. Left Perth at midnight last night and have arrived in Sydney shortly four hours later. Feeling tired! Pretty stoked with myself so far for making it from the domestic airport to the international airport in Sydney. Small steps ey? Was packing up until the last minute (and then unpacking as a quick weight check told me my suitcase weighed 25kg!). I eliminated some unnecessary items that I will buy over there inc Packing for six months/two seasons is not easy - I found it very hard to part with my possessions! Nor should packing/organising/booking be left so last minute, good job Emily. But like they say, ‘you can’t wait for life, it just happens’ – pretty sure I just made that up. My Wi-Fi isn’t working so I couldn’t Google the correct quote. Forgive me, but you get what I mean.

Things finally slowed down when I got into the car and begun the drive to the airport. It started to hit me that I am going to AMERICA! I’ve been so busy getting ready for it I haven’t actually stopped to process it. A surge of emotions followed; excitement, nerves, panic, fear and joy. The USA always been such a fantasy world; I don’t fully believe it exists. I am trying to consciously choose not to think about what I am about to embark on, otherwise I get so overwhelmed at the thought of it, I start freaking out.  And I don’t think the randoms around me would appreciate that in such a public space!

Now, im getting hungry and there are Krispy Kreme’s awaiting. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Qantas for providing a lovely dinner. Whilst I was already asleep, free food shouldn’t be missed/held onto for later. I now have some cheese and biscuits (not to mention Toblerone) for my 7 hour lay over J Who knew blogging could be so much fun! Until next time…

At which point I will be in LA! SLMVGHJKMGH.

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